So, you've won, well done, now you need to claim your winnings from the Prediction round. Here is how to do that:

Head to the Plation prediction page, and scroll down below the Current Prediction Round:

Find the round that you have won in, and use the Claim button next to it in the Previous predictions table. After selecting Claim, you will see a transaction from your connected wallet, once this transaction is confirmed the winnings will be transferred to your address.


Refunding works in a very similar way to claiming, in some situations (E.g. no opposing bets, a prediction round that has encountrered an error, a round that has not closed yet)

To refund, follow the same steps in the Claiming section above, if the round is refundable for you, you will be able to approve the transaction, once the transaction is confirmed the funds will be refunded to your address.

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