How to use Plation

Use the following link to use the app: here

Plation App

The Plation app is the best way to interact with Plation's Ethereum contracts. The landing page for Plation is home to the current inflation rate prediction round.

How to use the app

Connect to the app using the 'Connect wallet' button on the Plation landing page to use your wallet provider to access the Ethereum blockchain.

Once you have connected your wallet, you will see the Current Prediction round and be able to bet in the round.

Selecting a bet button from the Prediction round will display the Bet Over/Bet Under betting modal, and will allow you to set your wager amount, and be able to see your projected winnings (should you win) and your share of the betting pool.

Once your transaction is confirmed, the graph will update either on refresh or in time.

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