Version History

As mentioned in the introduction, Plation began as an entry and later winner of the Chainlink Spring 2022 Hackathon.

Following the hackathon, Plation has continuously been worked on, and has gone through 2 revisions.

Plation's Versions

Plation V1

Plation V1 is the Hackathon version, the github link is: here

This version of Plation, was not entirely on-chain and utilised a off-chain python script as a keeper to handle winnings.

Plation V2

Plation V2 is the post hackathon and current version of Plation, the github link is: here

The current version of Plation, utilises custom logic Chainlink automation, to automate the locking and closing of prediction rounds on-chain, which improves Plation's decentralisation and transparency.

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